Bloggers are considered to be social media influencers. Every social media platform is designed to enable influencers to harness their talents and increase the quality of their conten. For example, there are many resources and opportunities for YouTube celebrities to increase their following such as advertisements, brand collaberations and tutorials to help them learn video editing softwares better. On the other hand, bloggers only have various platforms to help them build their website and make it visually appealing. In terms of enhancing the quality of their content, bloggers do not have a tool to help them write better content or keep up with their genres trends. The Scribe brand aims to encourage young bloggers to write more by increasing the quality of their content as well as, helping them write new content. Scribe provides an opportunity to all young bloggers to improve the quality of their writing as it is specialized to cater to their needs. Therefore a desktop application, promotional pack for social media influencers, brand manual and promotional video have been created to reach out the bloggers and people that need help in writing.